Are you into golf and want to get some fresh gear without spending a fortune? BeGolfPro’s got you covered with our trade-in program. It’s easy and it’s a great way to swap your old clubs for shiny new ones. Here’s how it works in six simple steps:
**Step 1: Pick Your New Club**
First, choose the new golf club you want from BeGolfPro. Whether it’s a driver, a putter, or anything else, we’ve got a bunch of options. Brands available for trade-ins include TaylorMade, Cobra Golf, Ping and Callaway.
**Step 2: Snap Pics of Your Old Club**
Grab your old golf club and take a few pictures of it. These pics will help us see what kind of shape it’s in. We accepts all brands of golf clubs.
**Step 3: Get Your Trade-In Offer**
Send those pics to us on WhatsApp, and our representatives will check out your old club’s condition. We’ll then send you an offer for what it’s worth. We’re all about fair deals.
**Step 4: Pay for Your New Club**
Once you’re happy with the trade-in value, go ahead and pay for your new club. We’ll deduct the trade-in value from the original price, so you save big.
**Step 5: Send Us Your Old Club**
Now it’s time to send your old club over. You can either use a courier or drop it off at our shop. We’ve made it easy for you.
**Step 6: Get Your New Club**
As soon as we’ve got your old club, we’ll send you the new one. It’s a quick and easy process. You’ll be out on the golf course with your fresh gear in no time.
Important Notes
  • We accept same category and one-to-one trade-in. For example, one driver for one driver.
  • Your new club’s price is the original selling price minus the trade-in value.
  • Even when we have special deals, your trade-in value comes off the original price.
Ready to trade in your old clubs and get something new? Get in touch with us to start the BeGolfPro trade-in program. Your journey to better golf starts here.
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